The Mountain-Plains Museums Association conducted a comprehensive staffing, wage and salary, and benefits survey of MPMA museums in 2011.  Called: MPMA’s 2011 Salary & Benefits Survey,  the survey was MPMA’s first salary survey on wage and benefits.  It represents a diverse distribution of respondents by museum discipline, operating budget and state.  Data was collected for 48 predefined positions. Diligent effort went into maintaining statistical integrity and preserving confidentiality of the respondents.


The MPMA 2011 Salary & Benefits Survey was part of a national collaboration of the Council of Regions (CRA) in an effort to produce a national survey.  Four out of the six regional museum associations participated:  Association of Midwest Museums (AMM), Mountain Plains Museum Association (MPMA), New England Association of Museums (NEMA), and Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC).  These associations compiled the same data with the goal of creating a national comparative salary study.  When all of the regionals’ data has been compiled by the end of this year, it will be the first national survey of its kind produced for the general museum field.  Produced in partnership with the American Association of Museums, the National Comparative Museum Salary Study will be made available to all participating respondents in MPMA’s 2011 Survey. 


The gathering and sharing of data about museum compensation and employee benefits is intended to be a direct benefit to MPMA members and to the rest of the field.  Now that it has been completed, it will be available for purchase by MPMA members and other interested museum professionals. Participating respondents - those who fully completed the survey - are eligible to receive a complimentary copy.

$60/ MPMA Members

Free:  Respondents

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