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Helping Hands Brigade

Helping Hands has been an active program with MPMA for over twenty years.

Helping Hands Brigade is an annual Conference event.  Helping Hands is a great way to get behind-the-scenes at museums to make new friends.

Join In and Give Back!


Helping Hands Brigade is an annual event hosted by the Registrars’ Committee of the Mountain-Plains Museums Association (RC-MPMA). 


It is designed for registrars, collections managers, conservators, curators and others who would like to share their time and skills with institutions or organizations in the conference’s host city.  This one-day service project is an opportunity for museum professionals to give back to the profession.


Before the conference, members of RC-MPMA scout out a number of museums in the host city and talk with their staff to see if they would like a group of trained museum folks to help them with projects. Almost every museum has a collections project that could use many hands to tackle. The trick is finding a project that can be completed in one day and a museum that could really use some help.  The projects range from numbering artifacts, conducting inventory, cataloging books, and working on archival and photograph collections, and using database skills.

Helping Hands for 2020

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