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What is the MPMA Mentor Program?

MPMA’s Mentor Program pairs emerging museum professionals with experienced museum professionals

Why have a Mentor Program?

It strengthens our museum community and creates lasting connections between individuals.

New Program for MPMA Members

Mentoring is not just for individuals!  Does your institution need a mentor to help take it to the next level?  Check out the Resourcing Museum Professionals (RMP) Professional Interest Network.


A mentor helps to ease the awkward moments upon entering the museum profession. Remember how you didn’t know anyone at your first conference, you didn’t even know the “dress code” or who to call when you stumbled over projects at work?

A mentor helps you blossom into a more meaningful contributor to the museum community.

A mentoree reminds the experienced professional of the “good ol’ days” and the excitement and wonderment of starting something new.

A mentor and mentoree can become lifelong friends.


Mentors and mentorees are matched according to similar job responsibilities or areas of interest.

Once individuals are paired together, the arrangement is informal and can be whatever works for each match. 

Mentors and mentorees come together by phone, email, etc., before the conference.  They meet at the Mentoring Meeting and attend the Opening Reception together. They can arrange other meetings. 

Conference Mentoring Program

Check back for 2022 details


Is this your first MPMA conference? Are you a new professional looking for colleagues to help you succeed in the field? Are you new to the MPMA Region? Participating in the mentoring program can benefit professionals who are new to the region and is a great way to network, have someone as a sounding board, and navigate the conference. 

For a mentor, it is a way to share experience, what has worked, what hasn't worked, and be rejuvenated.  

We welcome you to sign up for Mentor Program. The arrangement is informal and can be tailored to your needs.  The Mentor Program pairs newcomers with active members of MPMA. Your assigned mentor is just for the conference and may contact you prior to the conference. All mentors and mentees will meet at the conference hotel for the Mentor Icebreaker.  Mentees are required to attend this meeting.

To participate, please check the appropriate box on the registration form, and we will contact you with your mentor’s name.  Any delegate may request a mentor.


Have you been a member of MPMA for 2 years or more? Are you willing to share your expertise about career goals with new colleagues? We encourage you to volunteer for MPMA ’s Mentor Program. Mentors do not need to be career specialists but should be interested in and willing to help emerging professionals. Your assignment will be just for the 2022 conference. Mentors should be willing to provide guidance during the conference.  You may request to have a Mentor Team or a one-on-one.  Please join your fellow professionals to make emerging professionals feel welcome at the conference.  To sign up, please check the appropriate box on the registration form.  Mentors should arrange to greet their mentees at the Mentoring Program Icebreaker at the conference hotel.  Questions?  Contact MPMA’s Mentor Chair, Lisa Berg, Director of Education Services, Texas State Historical Association in Austin, TX , at

General questions about the Mentoring Program? Call us at (440) 812-7221 or email us at

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