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Museum Storage Equipment Discount Program

Terms are carefully chosen just for MPMA members

Special MPMA Member Installation/Set-up rates to apply based on site conditions

Specifications design and layout services offered free of charge

Join MPMA as an Institutional Member.   Click here for membership information.

You must contact MPMA first to activate your membership eligibility and to receive information about this Cooperative Program:

Shelving and Cabinets

MPMA's Equipment Discount Program has two options:

1.  New Storage Equipment

2.  Pre-Owned Storage Equipment: This option has just been added!!  Prices are significantly less.  This new option is a great opportunity for smaller/tight budgeted facilities

Both will save you money.

This AMAZING one of a kind program is being offered to you as a MPMA Institutional Member!  Economy hitting your museum hard?  Want to impress your boss with budget savings????  Use MPMA's Museum Storage Equipment Discount CO-OP!  Find out how to save on cabinets and shelving for your museum storage areas  (up to 47% off).  Get the deepest discounts of any other program - OOPS - there is NO other program like this. Or save even more by purchasing through the PRE-OWNED PROGRAM. Shelving can be reconfigured for general archive and collections storage.  

MPMA has the deepest discounts you will find on a VAST selection of cabinets and shelving designed for collection storage.


Sheridan County Museum just purchased a Like New Storage System:

"The LIKE NEW Aurora Mobile System that we received from Certified Business Services, Inc. not only fit perfectly in our collections storage space, but was expertly provided at less than ½ of what a comparable new system would have cost. I encourage all MPMA institutional members to utilize the new "like new" equipment marketplace as a potential resource for quality storage equipment at substantial savings."

Nathan Doerr, Former Director, Sheridan County Museum

See the list below for a sampling of the products sold in the Equipment CO-OP

As an MPMA Institutional Member, you are eligible for MPMA’s exclusive member discounts through the Equipment CO-OP.  To get deep discounts, you must go through MPMA. Discounts not available directly through the companies.

There are an amazing variety of sizes, shapes and types.  Find the one that is right for you!  The list below is just a teaser.

  • Book cases and Library Storage 
  • Archival Record Storage
  • Modular Drawer Systems
  • Aisle-Saver Mobile Systems
  • Entomology & Herbarium Cabinets
  • Vertical Storage Systems (for Art, Textiles, Long Storage) 
  • Horizontal Storage for Artwork, negatives, Flats, Sheets or Prints
  • Clothing and Textile Storage Art, Historical and Natural Storage Cabinets
  •  Open Furniture Storage
  •  Carts

There are MANY MANY more items than what is listed and shown here.

Photos shown here are just a sampling of items in the Equipment CO-OP

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