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Executive Director, The Nicolaysen Art Museum, Casper, WY

  • 09 Sep 2022 3:15 PM
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    Justin Jakovac (Administrator)


    Executive Director



    Board of Directors



    The Nicolaysen Art Museum (The NIC) is the only museum in Wyoming dedicated to contemporary art. Founded in 1967, the museum has a budget of over $1 million and covers 25,000 square feet of space in a historic building including 10 art galleries, a collections vault containing over 8,000 works of art, and the Discovery Center which creates and implements art education and therapeutic art programs. In addition to the visual arts, the museum is also a cultural center that plays host to orchestral, operatic and dance performances.



    The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of The NIC and is responsible for the overall leadership, vision, management, fundraising, grant writing, and curatorial programs of the museum. The Executive Director is also responsible for short- and long-term planning, marketing, customer satisfaction, educational programs, and monitoring the museum’s ongoing performance against its stated major objectives.



    Vision and Strategic Leadership

    ·       Work cooperatively with the board to lead staff and other stakeholders to ensure that the organization’s vision and strategic plan remain current, relevant and responsive.

    ·       Develop and maintain open communications among staff and board.

    ·       Develop and implement an annual operating plan for the museum, incorporating progress toward strategic goals with responsible, sustainable budgeting.

    ·       Highly motivated with the ability to encourage high levels of achievement, ethics and retention in employees and volunteers.

    ·       Possess an authentic, energetic, and engaging personality, with the ability to inspire and empower others. Have the skills to cultivate and steward a diverse group of stakeholders.

    ·       Ability to share information and delegate decision-making appropriately and to cultivate and integrate diverse perspectives.

    ·             Demonstrate ability to collaborate with broad spectrum of potential partners to reach mutually beneficial goals.


    Fundraising and Development

    ·       Lead the museum’s fundraising efforts, working closely with the staff and Board to develop a comprehensive annual fundraising plan and identify, cultivate and solicit major donors, including grant opportunities.

    ·       Respect the values and unique character of Casper and Wyoming in order to model commitment to the community and integration of the museum and the value of arts to multiple stakeholders.

    ·       Ensure comprehensive and effective external communications programs exist to promote the museum’s activities, increase engagement, and provide financial support.

    ·       Ensure the development of outreach programs to constituencies for which the museum holds special interest, to encourage their attendance, membership and further involvement in the life of the museum.

    ·       Serve as the chief spokesperson for the museum.

    ·       Work to increase the stature and visibility of the museum in the local, regional, national, and international community.


    Staff and Operations Management

    ·       Embrace responsibility for the leadership of the museum while working in collaboration with an effective senior management team.

    ·       Manage the recruitment, employment, supervision, and release of all personnel, including paid staff, contractors, consultants and volunteers.

    ·       Encourage and facilitate ongoing staff professional development.

    ·       Set and maintain high standards for staff performance, along with a system of metrics to ensure accountability.

    ·       Implement all board-directed policies, and ensure that sound human resource policies and practices are in place, including effective communications channels for all personnel.

    ·       Maintain a positive, professional environment that attracts, retains, motivates, and supports a diverse staff of highly qualified, team-oriented personnel.

    ·       Oversee the negotiation of all contracts and agreements and, jointly with the Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Directors, conduct official correspondence and execute legal documents.

    ·       Ensure that the building and grounds of the museum are maintained in a responsible manner that preserves the asset and its historical values and provides a sound and attractive environment for staff and visitors alike.


    Fiscal Management

    ·       Ensure the organization follows sound financial practices, including realistic budgeting, prudent management of financial resources, and employment of the museum’s assets for the most effective long-term fulfillment of its mission.

    ·       Work with the staff and board in preparing an annual budget; and ensure that the organization operates within budget guidelines.



    ·       Provide ethical stewardship and direction in acquisition, preservation and interpretation of the museum’s collection.

    ·       Provide leadership and direction in expanding the educational mission to a wider range of audiences.

    ·       Provide leadership and direction in managing the collections policy and ensure strategic acquisitions and deaccessioning to keep the museum in the forefront of the field.

    ·       Provide leadership and direction in developing and maintaining a comprehensive program of events, educational programs and curricula.

    ·       Subject all programs of the museum to periodic evaluations to ensure their continued relevance and contribution to the museum’s purposes.



    ·       Bachelor’s degree;

    ·       Fundraising experience including grant writing, major gift solicitation and special events production;

    ·       Experience working for, and developing, an effective Board of Directors;

    ·       Understanding and appreciation of historical and contemporary art;

    ·       Exceptional oral and written skills;

    ·       Familiarity with office and database computer applications, including record maintenance;

    ·       Functional knowledge of accounting software with ability to review and interpret financial statements;



    ·       3-5 years or more of experience in a senior level position within a non-profit organization with proven record of successful and creative management;

    ·       Prior leadership experience at a visual arts organization;

    ·       MFA degree or other Master’s degree preferably in museum studies, management or arts;



    $65,000 to $80,000, commensurate with experience. Full health benefits. Relocation allowance is negotiable.



    ·       Send cover letter and resume to: Michael Bond, Board Chairperson, The NIC, 400 East Collins Drive, Casper, WY 82609 or email to:

    ·       Questions or inquiries should be emailed to:

    or call 307-259-9521.


    Vacancy Open until filled.

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